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Stephany Tullis

Small town charm, larger than life characters


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Love Rescues

Love Rescues by Stephany Tullis.jpg


When life throws devastated and divorced Quinn Porter a second chance at love, she runs as fast as she can from DJ Johnson. 

Can her best friend, Dee O'Connor, convince her that true love is worth another shot? 

Dwight (DJ) Johnson is super comfortable with his laid back, low key life style. His music provides all the warmth, comfort and inspiration he needs...until he meets Quinn. Is she the Yin to his Yang? Quinn's crushed heart is beyond repair; besides she believes DJ is much too young for her. DJ's open heart seeks the first time love he feels for Quinn. Age is just a number he argues. Can Santa's helper and matchmaker Dee work her magic?


After all, what can compete with the mystical power of a Christmas love?

Author's Note: Love Rescues (What Love Can Do Book 1) was previously published as Love's Brightest Star as part of the First Street Church Kindle World. It has been lightly revised.

This is the first in a series written by Ms. Tullis. As is the norm with this author, she has a firm grasp on human nature and what makes them tick..... Loved the 'one day at a time' message, as well.

Quinn Perry has moved to Mystical Springs, TX, and is trying to recover from her divorce. Along comes Phoenix (DJ) and this is when the plot thickens!

Loved this one and will certainly read the next one in this series. Perfect and in time for the Christmas season. New beginnings for a new year ...perhaps.

Most highly recommended.