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Stephany Tullis

Small town charm, larger than life characters


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48 Hours Til Christmas by Stephany Tulli

Mayor Luke Evans and Deputy Mayor Jocelyn Lopez promise Smoothville, Georgia residents a Christmas celebration like none other in order to heal their broken city torn apart by the recent mayoral election. After all, everyone loves Christmas. What better way to mend the ill will caused by the recent election?

As Luke and his team begin to plan for the massive event; one expected to be larger than NYC’s celebration at Rockefeller Center, Smoothville City Manager, Angelica Mason discovers someone’s out to sabotage Smoothville’s Christmas Extravaganza.

Smoothville residents’ tempers flare when rumors circulate that the mayor never planned to deliver on his promise. Angelica convinces Luke and Jocelyn they need a special SWAT team to identify the Grinch in their midst.

Luke is excluded from the team and doesn’t seem to care. Is the community right? Is Luke the undercover Scrooge? 

The SWAT team and Smoothville residents work around the clock to salvage Smoothville’s Christmas celebration. 

Christmas music, holiday food and festivities, and a few angelic hosts make this Christmas novel a holiday favorite; a beautiful story about the magic of Christmas, the strength of family and friends and the power of forgiveness. 

A Grinch is on the loose in Smoothville City, GA, with plans to disrupt the Extravaganza! This isn't just a story for the Christmas season. It delves deeply into the spirit of the manner in which people live their lives all throughout the year. It mixes hope and love masterfully and gives the reader the feeling of community spirit that may exist with team work.

Luke, the Mayor is having a difficult time as he can't forgive himself for despicable behavior. He is counseled by Pastor Woody and learns to accept himself. More importantly he realizes the importance of forgiveness.

Truly an outstanding book in which the author conveys the true meaning of Christmas expertly. She tosses in some really humorous portions to keep the reader entertained, as well. I did have to laugh with the vision of Mother Bodee doing the electric slide!

A gem of a book which I am glad to have read even after Christmas Day. Three Kings Day is not here quite yet so I feel as though I am on time!!

Most highly recommended. .