• Stephany Tullis

And what's so special about June?

I have a lot to celebrate this month. What about you? June 20th is my mother's birthday and, this year as you know, we also celebrate Father's Day on the 20th. So I am blessed to honor the special memories of my parents. And I can never forget that my best friend and I would celebrate for an entire month sharing our birthdays—hers at the end of June and mine, one month later, at the end of July. She passed away a few years ago. So I cherish all of the memories associated with June, the 6th month of the year.

Do you know that...

  • June is the undisputed month for wedding celebrations. How many June weddings have you attended?

  • It is believed that the month is named after the Roman goddess Juno whose name means rejuvenate? It is said that Juno’s attributes include energy, youthfulness and creative power.

Tessa (my talented, caring and dedicated PA) is celebrating her husband, Don R’s birthday this month? Don is sharing this month's birthday spotlight with Birthday Club member Cheryl B.

"Celebrate, change your thoughts to love

Celebrate, what you're thinking of..."

-Philip Bailey, Maurice White


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