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Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Angelica Mason was floored by the magnitude of the bright red, white, and blue eye-catching floral abstract designed massive cruise ship. She stumbled and almost lost her balance as she craned her neck—left, right, up and back—much like a bewildered swan who found herself in the wrong lake. She leaned on the extended handle of her travel suitcase to avoid falling, semi-hypnotized by the thought that in less than an hour, she’d board this ship. Angelica would be held captive with no possibility of escape. ‘This is insane,’ she thought. ‘How can something so beautiful feel so threatening?’

She struggled to steady herself, now totally overwhelmed. For the first time ever, she questioned her judgment. What was she trying to prove? While her huge cat eye shaped Ray Bans blocked the bright Florida sun from her eyes, they did nothing to prevent her knees from buckling—again. Her heart pummeled.

“Are you okay?”

Angelica’s pounding heart screamed ‘No.’ She opted to acknowledge the soft pat on her arm with a smile.

“Hi, Lady.” Before Angelica could muster a response, the cute little girl asked her mother, “Is she scared, Mommy? I’m not scared 'cause I’m a big girl, right?” The child jiggled in place despite her mother’s, “Be careful, honey, don’t bump the lady.”

Angelica thought, ‘What made me think that this was the perfect way to find myself?’ She decided it best to ignore the child’s question since she had spoken truth. The little girl’s exuberance, combined with an escalating buzz of excitement by the crowd of several thousand travelers, caused Angelica to truly question her sanity. Why?

A semblance of a whisper echoed, Did it occur to you that you didn’t think? You're petrified of water. Even a hotel pool. Can’t swim a lick and never been on a boat of any size. And you choose a ship. A huge ship. An ocean liner. One of the largest in its category. What the heck did you expect?

Angelica failed in her attempt to ignore the irritating sarcasm from her usually ever-present partner but recently missing in action, alter ego. The BLUE LADY had ostensibly abandoned her in her misery. Of all times to make her undercover presence known—By the way, it's going to take a lot more than an eight-day cruise to get you out of this slump. Stop fooling yourself.

Angelica mumbled, “Where are my headphones?” She was admittedly nervous and hoped her favorite smooth jazz playlist would ease her jitters. Petrified is the word and feeling, darling, BLUE LADY dramatically reminded her.

After searching her good luck, Kate Spade hobo bag, jacket pockets, and travel bag, she gave up on the headphones that were nowhere to be found. A now disgusted Angelica wondered, ‘And, what are you talking about? Go away. I don’t want to hear from you, BLUE LADY. And mind your business, please’. Angelica shook her head in defiance. “Ugh.”

“Mommy, it looks like that lady is mad at me. She just shook her head at me and said, “Ugh.” The child tugged her mother’s hand and asked. “Why don’t you tell her that it’s not nice to talk to children like that?”

Angelica was shocked by the ping she felt in the center of her chest. She thought, ‘Oooh, what was that?’

Ping, ping. Following her instinct, Angelica sighed as she kneeled face-to-face with the little charmer. “I’m so sorry, honey. I’m not mad at you. And, you know what? You’re right. I am scared. This is my first time on a ship.”

The child responded with a toothy grin, patted Angelica’s hand, and said with the assurance and confidence of one definitely in the know. “You’re gonna have so much fun. I always do. And you know what? You’ll make lots of new friends. I’ll be your friend. And you can eat pizza every day if you want.” She looked up at her mother, standing patiently behind her. “Can’t she, Mommy? You always let me have pizza for lunch when we cruise, right?”

Her mother smiled, nodded at her daughter, and winked at Angelica. “You’re going to be fine. I know exactly how you feel. Just remember to take your Dramamine. And make up your mind that you’re going to have a good time. There’s really so much to do, and my daughter is right; everyone is so friendly.”

“Yep, we always make a lot of new friends. And if you get lonely, you can have breakfast with us tomorrow, right, Mommy?”

“She sure can. By the way, I’m Brooke. I’m supposed to be meeting up with my sister, Rylee. She’s one of the photographers on the ship. Déjà Vu on the Seas. I love the name. Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it?” Obviously, just as friendly and easygoing as her daughter, Brooke added, “I’ve traveled this line before, but this is a relatively new ship—two years old, I think. So, I’m excited. I understand it has some great shows.”

“I’m Angelica. It’s nice to meet you, Brooke. And you are?” Angelica smiled at Brooke’s daughter. “I like your dress. It’s so pretty, and so are you.”

“Hi, Angel. My name is Annalisa, but my friends call me Lee. Since you’re going to meet us for breakfast tomorrow, you can call me Lee, if you want.”

Ping, ping.

“Ooops, the line is moving. Don’t forget about breakfast tomorrow, Angel.”

Brooke winked. “And don’t forget your Dramamine.


Blue Lady’s DÉJÀ VU on the Seas

(An Angelica Mason Series Short Story)

A story of betrayal, forgiveness & restoration

By Stephany Tullis

Tagline: “If one could sleep one’s self to death…

In her latest installment of the Angelica Mason Series, USA Bestselling Author Stephany Tullis takes Angelica Mason to another place and time.

Déjà Vu on the Seas is a story of an emotional journey of personal exploration and search for self. It explores a woman’s fear, confusion and healing, asking the question: Which takes more courage—ignoring the fear or staring it in the face?

Angelica Mason is known in political circles for her highly effective ‘do it my way or hit the highway’ MO. Not one to be intimidated, she’s never second-guessed herself. Once she’s made up her mind, she perseveres to the finish. No regrets. Until now.

Traumatized by several near-death experiences, including a kidnapping, Angelica returns to her safe place and finds the security she needs in her king size bed. She succumbs to the dense fog that has smothered her spirit. And sleeps.

Angelica is only awake long enough to ascertain two things. Somthing is seriously wrong. And more importantly, she needs to do something about it. She accepts her only alternative. Escape.

Join Angelica as she embarks on a journey of a life time; one that is full of unknowns but with her commitment to search and prepare to accept whatever she finds.

Available for PREORDER NOW!

Release Date: May 5th 2021

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