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Do you remember?

At the beginning of #2020, I decided to create a Vision Plan instead of my usual Bucket List. As apart of that plan, I was guided by the this quote and a concept discussed in a workshop I attended last year.

Lisa Nichols, Motivational Speaker and Life Coash convinced conference attendees such as myself that if 'we' applied action to our convictions, our worlds would transform. And here I am! Forging a totally unforeseen path for myself.


Voila! While it's taking me much longer than I thought, I've just about completed Phase 2 of my Plan which consisted of a re-examination of my goals as an author.

Action Step 2 called for the relaunch of my Angelica Mason Series. When I re-read the Series, I could see how much my BLUE LADY had changed since Book 1. You may have seen this graphic before. But this is how she started. (Graphic 1)

And here she is now! Graphic 2. Wow! Would you believe her first story has a new title? BLUE LADY: A Friends to Lovers, Second Chances, Romantic Comedy Short Story (The Angelica Mason Series, Book 1).

And just as I can see more clearly now, so can Angelica Mason, my BLUE LADY! We see this transformation and Angelica's convictions when she takes on a project like none other. My bougie, upper middle class young woman dares to lead an undercover assignment where her MISSION is UNDER FIRE and her life is under attack! In this book, we learn a lot about Angelica's 'back story'.

So let me tell you The Story Behind The Story. TSBTS. Did you know that---

  • Blue Lady's MISSION under FIRE is based on real events?

  • The setting for this event is Albany, New York where I spent a good portion of my life?

  • The book is dedicated to a young man who was killed in Albany in 2018?

  • Did you know that I've written federal grants such as those referenced in MISSION under FIRE

So, if you haven't read Blue Lady's MISSION under Fire, you may want to grab a copy now.

Here's what Readers have to say:

Review by Karen Dee:

~Like watching a PBS Detective Show~

"I really enjoyed this book.

It started out a bit slow and then the action picked up and you could feel the tension. What I enjoyed about it the most was the interplay of characters and dialogue.

I love the way the author had the characters interact and the many interesting people that were present in this small town.

Watching Angelica and her sidekick trying to figure out the mystery was like watching a PBS detective show full of small-town characters that all seem both innocent and guilty.

I will definitely be reading the rest of the series."

Stay tuned for more details about 'The Story Behind The Story'...Coming soon!

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