• Stephany Tullis

How much do you know about Angelica Mason?

We all have a ‘backstory’.

Our history.

Our backgrounds and our experiences.

And so does each character you meet in a writer’s book! That’s what I enjoy most about writing—the ability to create characters and watch them evolve and take on a life of their own. Taking me and my readers to places we never expected to be.

It’s amazing to see how Angelica Mason, my BLUE LADY, has changed! (I think we can all say the same about ourselves).

  • Do you know that Angelica was originally introduced in my second book, 48 Hours ‘Til Christmas?

  • Angelica (and alter ego, the self-named BLUE LADY) decided to do things their way. ‘Take me or leave me’ was Angelica’s motto’. Readers quickly learned that Angelica Mason was no joke in my first short story, BLUE LADY where she took on a life of her own!

  • In Blue Lady’s SWEET DREAMS, normally tough as nails Angelica is devastated when her father suffers a life-threatening heart attack and her made in Heaven life style takes a 180-degree turn. Angelica Mason's daydreams become as unnerving as her bewitching nightmares.

  • Thankful for an unexpected opportunity to lead a project that promises to take her to levels she never expected and reunite with the boss of her dreams, Angelica finds that her mission has changed. And she literally has nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Will she survive in Blue Lady’s MISSION UNDER FIRE?


“In my next installment of the Angelica Mason Series, Stephany Tullis takes Angelica Mason to another place and time…”

Déjà Vu on the Seas is a story of an emotional journey of personal exploration and search for self. It explores a woman’s fear, confusion and healing, asking the question: Which takes more courage—ignoring the fear or staring it in the face?

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