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How's your #2020 Vision?

Can you believe it? We're almost at the end of the first quarter of #2020. It's time to check our progress on our #2020 Vision Plans. Are you ready? I hope so and I'm pleased to share that with the help of my monthly calendar, weekly scheduling and special projects, I'm just about on track. Yay... NOTE: If you're a little behind schedule, you have 20 days to play catch up. We can do this!!! I admit that I need each of the 20 remaining days in March to meet my first quarter goals and objectives. Stay tuned because I'd love for you to join me as we walk our path to Clarity.


Major (#2020) Project

(Note: Deadlines met despite a bad case of bronchitus!!!)

I'm excited to share an excerpt from my short story, 'Deja Vu on the Seas', one of the 30+ amazing short stories that are a part of the Feisty Heroines special limited time boxset collection. I'm happy to give you a few tidbits about the other authors, my story and our special projects.

  • Our 36 shorts cross-pollinate the romance genres with contemporary, paranormal, romance suspense, fantasy, and historical stories.

  • Each author brings unique styles and creativeness to the project weaving the most incredible stories.

  • We span the USA, Canada, UK, India, and Australia!

  • The collaborative effort consists of more than 1000 pages; a writing project that we are all happy to share with the world!

Don’t miss the opportunity of reading this limited time collection.

Feisty Heroines Romance Collection of Shorts releases June 16th. If you don't have your copy yet, you can purchase it here!



Déjà Vu on the Seas

(An Angelica Mason Series Short Story)

By Stephany Tullis

Tagline: “If one could sleep one’s self to death…

In her latest installment of the Angelica Mason Series, USA Bestselling Author Stephany Tullis takes Angelica Mason to another place and time.

Angelica Mason is known in political circles for her highly effective ‘do it my way or hit the highway’ MO. Not one to be intimidated, she’s never second-guessed herself. Once she’s made up her mind, she perseveres to the finish. No regrets. Until now.

Traumatized by several near-death experiences, including a kidnapping, Angelica returns to her safe place and finds the security she needs in her king size bed. She succumbs to the dense fog that has smothered her spirit. And sleeps.

Frightened when her BFF doesn’t return her phone calls or text messages, Nicole Honeywell makes a surprise visit to check in on her incognito childhood friend. Alarmed by Angelica’s bedridden, bedraggled and semi-comatose condition, she threatens to sound the alarm and contact Angelica’s business partner and parents if she doesn’t get her act together.

Angelica sluggishly acknowledges her friend’s threat. She’s awake long enough to ascertain two things. Something’s seriously wrong. And more importantly, she needs to do something about it. Rather than take the chance that she’ll be bombarded with unwanted visitors making unmeetable demands, she accepts her only alternative. Escape.

Angelica embarks on a journey of a life time; one that is full of unknowns but with her commitment to search and prepare to accept whatever she finds.

Déjà Vu on the Seas is a story of an emotional journey of personal exploration and search for self. It explores a woman’s fear, confusion and healing, asking the question: Which takes more courage—ignoring the fear or staring it in the face?

If you haven't met Angelica Mason, aka, the BLUE LADY yet, I'd love for you to meet her. FREE COPY OF BLUE LADY.

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