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May I share a few 'Release Day' secrets?

"Angelica Mason is No Joke. Her Motto, My Way or the Highway ." And of course, she insists and understands that "you can take me or leave me she says but she’s more than sure you will take her." And if you haven't met Angelica Mason, aka, my BLUE LADY, today's a great day to meet her. Download Here!

The big Secret #1. Did you know Angelica Mason was created long before the release of The BLUE LADY? You can find out how, when and why HERE!

Secret #2. But did you know that her grinch of a boss fired her from her job while she was on leave taking care of her father after he had a massive heart attack? You may want to catch up HERE!

Secret #3. Did you know that THIS IS WHERE she became my favorite, favorite character?

Secret #4. And this is where my sophisticated, confident, known by many as 'Ms. Reliable' (who could be relied upon and have the answer to everyone’s problems) falls apart.

"For the first time in her life, Angelica had no energy. Her symptoms?

Fatigue? No, because she wasn’t tired.

Pain level? None.

In between naps, she was awake long enough to ascertain two things.

Something was definitely wrong.

She needed to do something about it.

Unfortunately, she was never awake long enough to figure out what."


"And how the heck does she end up on a cruise ship? Did she forget that she's petrified of water?"

Join Angelica and the Blue Lady as they embark on the journey of a life time--one that is full of unknowns but with a commitment to search and prepare for whatever they find.

Blue Lady's DÉJÀ VU on the SEAS

A Story of Betrayal, Forgiveness & Restoration

An Angelica Mason Short Story


Secret #4. I’m not quite sure where Blue Lady may SEARCH for LOVE. Do you have any ideas? If you, do, feel free to post and share your suggestion below or email me at: stephanytwrites@gmail.com and earn one point towards the ‘Déjà vu on the Seas Beach Giveaway'!

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