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July 18, 2019

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Five Reasons the Bible is the Greatest Story Ever Told

February 27, 2017

Happy Monday and welcome to the Open Book Blog Hop. This week my fellow authors share what they believe is the greatest story ever told. I was eager to participate in this week's posting because I had no doubt what my selected story and book would be! Of course, in my opinion the Holy Bible and the story of Christ's resurrection would be my choice. I grew up reading 'this book', continue to read and meditate on it (not as much as I should) and like all of my favorite books, I can easily identify my favorite characters and chapters. The book has a place in my heart and soul--it guides my spirit being. Unlike the other books I love and have read, I can provide innumerable quotes and do so on a daily basis--and actually throughout the day.

So while I personally believe this book is the greatest story ever told, I did some research to assess how it ranks for others.


1. When you google the phrase, 'greatest story ever told', references to the biblical story, a related movie and the Book dominate the search thread.


2. A search on Amazon for the Bible, reveals that it is still among the Top 100 Books sold.


3. When I researched the characteristics/elements of a great story. Guess what? I found that the Bible has them all!




1. The protagonist: the hero with clearly defined (inward and outward) goals. Readers need to care about, empathize with, and understand this character. A strong protagonist should have some larger-than-life characteristics. 

Element met!


2. The antagonist: the villain of the story or the lead’s opposition. The antagonist is driven to do anything to stop the fulfillment of the protagonist’s desires. In the end, the antagonist should get what’s coming to him, or the reader will be left dissatisfied.


Element met!


3. An inciting action: the beginning of the book should include an event that sets the characters in motion. Includes an introduction of the main characters, including the hero and villain, and the main problem your hero faces.


Element met!


4. Conflict: conflict by definition is some sort of turmoil—a challenge to overcome, a quest, mystery, or struggle. Two types of conflict make a great story: internal conflict and external. Both types of conflict take place throughout three basic parts of any story’s main conflict structure: set up (beginning), rising action, and the climax (resolution).


Element met!


5. Resolution/Climax: the story must lead to the resolution, or climax—that pivotal point in your narrative that tells the audience who finally wins the conflict.  A wonderful story sticks with the reader long after the last page.


Element met!


Source The Five Essential Elements to a Great Story


I rest my case. Hope you enjoy my post and discussion. What’s the greatest story ever told in your opinion? Please respond and then let’s hope on over and see what my fellow Blog Hoppers think.











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