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July 18, 2019

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Author Debbie White Gives Readers the Scoop

March 29, 2017



 On May 16th, Author Debbie White is releasing another of the books in the new and exciting multi-author branded series based in Chandler County Kentucky.  Her book is entitled The Missing Ingredient.


I asked Debbie to introduce her favorite character to me and her reading audience. I'm thankful she did and I'm excited to introduce him to you. As you may know by now, Chandler County is a romantic suspense series. So I asked Debbie to give us a heads up on her Missing Ingredients. Thanks, Debbie for stopping by and sharing.


DW: My favorite character is Kari Brinks and here's why!

She’s strong and independent for one and despite her situation; she digs deep and becomes a survivor instead of a victim of her circumstances.


ST: What is Kari’s most noticeable characteristic?

DW: Her loyalty to not only the people in her life but also to anything she undertakes.


ST: What quality does Kari like most in the opposite sex?

DW: Trust.


ST: If Kari could change one thing about herself, what would it be and why?

DW: She loves to eat, and like many women, she tends to gain a few pounds, so she wishes she had a faster metabolism!


ST: Where and when was Kari the happiest?

DW: Oh wow. Kari has had many happy moments, but one that especially stands out for her is when Jeff presents her with a special gift.


ST: What personality trait does Kari admire most in a friend?

DW: Their ability to sympathize and be compassionate.


ST: What is Kari's biggest regret?

DW: That she didn’t have any children. But there’s time still…


ST: What is Kari’s most treasured possession?

DW: The Mint Julep!



Kari appears to be such a special person and someone who would make a 'BFF. I wonder if I'm right. Guess, I'll have to find out for myself when I read The Missing Ingredient.



He may have broken her heart, but Kari is a survivor.


Kari leaves in a hurry. She has no idea where she is going—she just knows it has to be far away from Eddie. When an advertisement for the Kentucky Derby pops up on her Google search, something about Louisville and the surrounding area intrigues her. She settles on Lexington as her final destination.


Tired from her long journey, an exhausted Kari stops in Bourbonville for just an overnight stay. But after a burger and a slice of pie at Sadie’s, a diner with décor reminiscent of the 50s, Kari makes a split-second decision to stick around.


She settles into her new town becoming one of Bourbonville’s newest entrepreneurs featuring her exemplary culinary skills.


Jeff has never been quite so bold before. But a little voice in his head tells him to speak to her. He doesn’t know for sure, but his military training leads him to believe she’s running from something. He’s running from something, too. 


It’s not long before Kari realizes the Derby isn’t the only race in town with high stakes and her bet is on Jefferson Davies, the owner/operator of Jeff’s Marketplace. Can these two come together and mend their broken hearts while restoring their faith in love, or will it become a recipe for disaster?


Be the first to grab a copy! PRE-ORDER AT: AMAZON





Debbie currently lives in California with her husband and two rescue dachshunds, Dash and Briar. When she’s not writing, she’s working in her garden, riding on the back of a motorcycle touring the beautiful wine country they call home or enjoying a glass of wine looking at the awesome views of the valley dotted with vineyards. She’s an avid supporter of animal rescue and donates a percentage of all book sales to animal rescue groups. When you purchase one of Debbie’s books, you’re also helping to provide food, toys, and shelter to a furry pet while they await their forever home.


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