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July 18, 2019

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Let's Celebrate Christmas in July!

July 2, 2017


HO! HO! HO! Yes, I’m excited and happy as we celebrate Independence Day. For many, July 4th represents the official start of summer.


HO! HO! HO! Beaches and Christmas. Christmas and Beaches. Celebration time!


I know temps are in the 70s and above in most parts of the great U S of A and many of us are heading to or making plans to get to the closest beach. I’m a beach baby myself and if I had the opportunity, I’d snag one of the fanciest beach houses I could find and write to my heart’s content from an office that had a window facing the magnificent ocean.

But for now, that plan is on the back burner.



Do I despair? No! Why you may ask? I’ll tell you.



Each year the month of July gives me the opportunity to ‘celebrate and dance to the music’ and enjoy two of my favorite seasons at the same time—Christmas and Summer. And while I may not sing Christmas carols or decorate my Christmas tree, I pull up my summer play list (Summertime by Will Smith leads the list) and read some of my favorite Christmas novels while sunning on the nearest beach or by the pool and/or one of the most accessible locations--my patio.


Believe it or not, I began celebrating Christmas in July as a teen at my first summer job with a local parks and rec program. During July, the program held special 'Christmas in July' activities and festivities! And as an author, I’ve latched onto the concept because it provides me the perfect excuse to focus on the goodness that life offers. After all, what could be more special than God’s gifts to us? The Sun, the center of our Universe and His Son, the center of our being.


Not that I need an official excuse to laugh, sing, celebrate and enjoy life but I look forward to taking advantage of the Christmas in July season.

This year, please join me in celebrating Christmas in July!


HO! HO! HO! I’m offering a BOGO special featuring my two standalone Christmas books entitled, 48 Hours ‘til Christmas and Love, Peace and Joy.


Please see the Excerpt from Love, Peace & Joy: 3 Short Stories below and make plans to get your Freebie copy TODAY!






With less than two weeks to go before her big event, Holly pooh poohed the headache coming on and the pain in her back. They were sure signs of the stress her body refused to ignore. She loosened the rubber band that held her shoulder length naturally curly hair away from her face hoping the intense wave of pain would dissipate.


Thankful her boss granted her October request for two weeks off at Christmas and despite forewarnings and today's forebodings, she clicked on her holiday playlist moving her head to Michael Buble's reminder that  Christmas is indeed the best time of the year. The music lifted her spirits morphing her still quite lengthy to do list into her personalized version of a child's wish list to Santa.


Dear Santa, I have been so good all year. All I want for Christmas is:


1. To host my first Christmas Eve party: one where everyone will have a wonderful time and enjoy being together (you know, like the one's we had when I was a little girl?).


2. To show Chad just how much I love and appreciate him.


3. To share my new home with everyone and show my thanks for all the years I lived in that cramped tiny studio that was so small I had to give away most of my clothes.


4. A holiday overflowing with love, peace and joy!


Quite satisfied with her mental reverie, she thought, “Now this is what Christmas is all about it!”





1. Purchase your copy of '48 Hours 'Til Christmas at:


2. Email your documentation of purchase to me AND your email address to me at:


3. I will notify you with instructions to download your FREE COPY OF LOVE, PEACE & JOY!


Easy Peezy, right! Merry Christmas from me to you and I hope you have a fantabulous summer!






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