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July 18, 2019

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Love, Marriage & the Baby Carriage: There is a story...Love's Legacy

July 26, 2017

I've learned as a writer that as with life, there is a story behind the story and even further behind the backstory and occasionally a snippet--sometimes a buried secret that refuses to publicly rear its ugly head. 


In Love's Legacy, Kevin and Dee O'Connor's lives are shattered by the dark and ominous secrets that unexpectedly rise to the surface after the death of their son. Because of the subject matter and story line, this was a challenging book to write for many reasons but when Melissa Storm, creator of the new First Street Church Romance series invited me to participate in the First Street Church Kindle World, I jumped at the chance.


After reading some of Melissa's books in the series and learning of her purpose in developing Sweet Grove, Texas, the charming town and setting for her series, I had no doubt that this would be the perfect opportunity to do what I strive to do-- 'write with purpose'---not only a good story but one with an underlying message. A message of hope. As Melissa writes, in "the tiny town of Sweet Grove... neighbors still care deeply about each other and the little white chapel on First Street is the heart and soul of all who live here. It’s a simple life–a good life–yet many here are suffering invisible pain.


"I am a very emotional person and have a tendency to wear my feelings on my 'sleeve' (actually my face as I've been told many times).I have four children and I can see some of me in each of them but I tell my youngest son that he has my heart---a heart that is touched by so much out of his (our) control. A perfect recipe for heartbreak.


Kevin and Dee's story is driven by two personal events that changed my life and the lives of my family. The first was the unexpected death of my infant brother when I was a child. I watched and experienced the painful ramifications of this awful unexplainable experience on my parents including their self and cross blaming. My siblings and I not only missed my brother but were caught up in the day to day disagreements between my parents as to who should have done what that lasted for years.


The second was a recent and very joyful experience this past Spring when my niece married the man of her dreams which resulted in not only the blending of their lives but the creation of a new blended family where diversity, color and differences of background were overpowered by their love and a rare sharing and friendship that developed between and among people who had not known each other prior to the wedding.


Love's Legacy is a story of love, forgiveness and the power a spirit-led community.








Can their marriage survive the loss of one of God's greatest gifts?



When stunning Deidre Torres, the new HR Director, introduces herself to Kevin O'Connor at an Executive staff meeting, Kevin's heart forewarns danger. When he invites her to have coffee with him the next day, she hesitates but accepts.The following week, she flatly refuses his dinner invitation citing company policies that prohibit co-worker dating in the office.After six months of Kevin's non-stop persistence, Deidre risks her job and agrees to have dinner.Deidre and Kevin follow their hearts despite the objections and advice of well-meaning family and friends who advise of the complexities of interracial dating. In a fairly tale-like wedding, they vow to each other and before the many doubting wedding guests that nothing will ever separate them.Six years later, they not only violate their vows but for the first time question the depth of their love for each other. Previously unknown racial stereotypes, beliefs and differences threaten to destroy their marriage when their three year old son is killed by a stray bullet at a local peace rally.


Will Kevin's hatred of his son's killer unmask feelings he never knew he had?


Can their marriage tolerate the escalating inter-family turmoil?


Can their marriage survive the loss of one of God's greatest gifts?







In my world, there is no life without writing, traveling, family, music and my love of politics. My loves and interests are central to my writing. With this backdrop, regardless of the date or time of your visit, you will find family.


My world (my back-story) is guided by my faith and the inspiration I receive from God. Without exaggeration, family and relationships are the core of every book I write.


I love to travel and like me, my characters are always off and running and in so doing require me to research (and often visit) so many fascinating places.


I also love music—all kinds and I’m never surprised by what track finds its way to my personal playlists and a character’s ring tone, door chime, or car radio station.


People frown sometimes and don’t understand my love of politics, but I have a political administration background and thrived on and in my past government career. For me, it’s the people, the process and what democracy offers. As with life, my fictional towns and cities include mayors, governors, school board members, etc.


If you haven’t guessed, I love my world that allows me to not only live the life I love but to also share it with others.


Key Words:  Christian Romance, Kindle World, New Release























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