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July 18, 2019

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Ellie's Secrets are what Make Ellie So Special

October 11, 2017

Fellow author Tina Susedik is one of eight authors participating in Cycle 2 of the Chandler County multi-author Romantic Suspense Series. Tina's new book entitled, Missing My Heart, will be released November 23rd 2017.  Ms. Susedik invites us to take a peek at Chandler County and some of its residents as they lived 42 years ago--1975. 


I can't wait for you to meet Ms. Ellie Farrell as she shares some family secrets in her interview with old timer, Baldrus Trimley, the only reporter of the Chandler County Chronicles in the mid-70's.  Let's listen in.


BT: Hey there Ellie—Bellie. (Baldus laughs at his own joke). I’m Baldus Trimley. In my spare time, I write for the Chandler County Chronicles, you know, the County newspaper. Saw you walking by and thought I’d introduce myself, hope you have a few minutes to chat with me. Sure would be nice to have you in next week’s paper. With all the bad news around here these days, a pretty face would make our readers feel good. (Baldus hesitates and then continues). Maybe we can have a cup of coffee or tea. My treat.



EF: (She blushes at Baldus’ comment about her pretty face.) I’d love to have coffee with you. Should we head over to the café? Their coffee and sweet-rolls are awesome.




BT: If you don’t mind me saying so, you look just like your grandmother. You’re grandfather and I would have coffee—in this same café once a month—1st Saturday with a couple of the guys. On a warm day, we’d sit outside where we could smoke. So how are you doin’ young lady? I only hear good things about you.


EF: I didn’t realize you knew my grandfather. It’s been so long since he passed away, and now Miranda—I mean Grandma. (She blinks back a few tears.) I’m doing fine. I’ve been busy cleaning out the house and getting ready for the big yard sales for the Chandler County Birthday celebration.


BT: Thanks for sharing that Ellie. I know you’ve been here for some time now. You know if you need any help out at the house, let me know. I’d be glad to give a hand. On a related note, do you think you’ll stay here in Bourbonville? Or do you want to head out to one of the big cities. The Lex or The Ville?


EF: Thank you for the offer to help. It’s a daunting task going through Grandma’s things. She’d become quite a packrat over the years. Since the house was willed to me, I plan on staying in Bourbonville. I do like living in a small town. I can’t imagine putting up with the hustle and bustle of a big city.


BT: Tell me now if this is a little too personal but…  (Baldus hesitates but after thinking about it, continues). I’m surprised one of these young men haven’t proposed yet. No suitors? He smiles. On a serious note, you’ve been through so much, what do you see for your future?


EF: (She blushes again.) I guess I’ve been too busy taking care of Grandma and other of our senior citizens in town, that I haven’t had time to even think about dating. As for my future, I plan to go to nursing school in the spring. Since I enjoy taking care of people, it seemed like a good match for me. But after being out of high school for ten years, it may be a challenge learning to study again.


BT: This is one of my favorite interview questions. Who’s your hero (*shero) (fictional or non-fictional)? What makes this person so special to you, if I might ask? If you don’t care to answer, I’ll understand El… (Baldrus hesitates again not certain of Ellie’s reaction).


EF: Kennedy is a hero of mine. He was so handsome. I was sixteen when he was assassinated. It was right after my parents died. (Ellie takes a deep, shaky breath.) It wasn’t a good year for me.


BT: Our readers like to know the up close and personal things about our residents. Do you have a ‘prized possession’ something really, really important to you?


EF: There is a horse Miranda has. It’s metal. I was never allowed to touch “The Horse.” She polish it and get this dreamy look on her face. After she passed, I knocked it over. A bunch of little love notes fell out. They were signed by “B.” I have no idea who “B” is. (She’s not about to tell him about all the money she’s found in the house.) It’s quite a mystery, one that I’m trying to solve.

BT: On a totally different subject, what’s your favorite part about being a character in this book? By the way, do you plan to attend any of the Annual Birthday Celebration events?


EF:  (She taps a finger against her lip) Hmm. I think I like the way I grow from a quiet, shy person who doesn’t stand up for herself to someone who doesn’t put up with stuff from people. I’m not sure if I’ll attend any of the celebrations. It’s been years since I’ve gone. (She once again blushes.) But, a man has recently come into my life who I think would be fun to go with.


BT: This question can be off the record, if you wish, Miss. (Trimbley clears his throat.) Umm, do you get along with the other characters in the book? Is there anyone you really dislike?


EF:  There’s an older woman in the book who is nosy and claimed to be a friend of Grandma. Instead she’s happy to tell me all Miranda’s faults. I have the pleasure of putting her in her place. I also have an encounter with two of my cousins who aren’t the most upstanding citizens in the world.


BT: My, my, that's sick!  Ellie, do you have a favourite motto or expression? If so, what makes it so special to you?


EF: I can’t think of anything off hand. Miranda always had an answer for everything, but they weren’t always positive.


BT: You’re a little quiet there. Do you want to have another cup of coffee? Maybe a slice of pecan pie? We can chat. Looks like you may not have a chance to do that very often. What do you think? Should we chat?


EF: I’d love to chat. Tell me about your life at the newspaper and your family.

Missing My Heart 



Genre: Historical Romance/Mystery




Time: 1975. Place: Bourbonville

After the death of the grandmother Ellie Farrell had lived with since she was sixteen, she is tasked with the job of cleaning out the over-packed house. When Ellie begins to find love notes and money from a Burt to Randi spanning over four decades, she sets out to find out who these people are and what they have to do with her. An unexpected check for $100,000 dollars delivered to her house, ramps up the mystery – especially when death threats begin to arrive.


Patton Trullinger, an investigative reporter, comes to Chandler County to research bootleggers for a book he’s contracted for. As a Vietnam veteran, he’s dealing with PTSD. When he meets Ellie, he finds her mystery too good to pass up.


Who are Burt and Randi? Who is sending death threats? Will Ellie and Patton’s love bloom as the mystery deepens?




Ebook price: $3.99



Barnes & Noble:;jsessionid=5CD8E0C53CD4F845C84F10DF52DB0729.prodny_store02-atgap03?ean=9781537842363






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As a child, Tina Susedik always had stories floating around in her head, but had no idea those stories could be put down in book form as writing stories wasn't taught in her classes. One day her brother (yes, her brother) introduced her to Kathleen Woodiwiss’ The Flame and the Flower. Tina was hooked and a love of reading, and eventually writing romance, began. Besides her romances, she is also a non-fiction writer with seven history books in print. She also has written and published two children's books. She also writes under a pen name.


Tina has been married for forty-four years and lives in Northwestern Wisconsin. She has two children and five grandchildren. After careers in accounting and teaching (not necessarily at the same time), she found her career in writing is what fulfills her the most. When not writing, she loves camping, hiking, photography, reading, and playing with her five grandchildren.


She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Wisconsin Romance Writers of America, Sisters in Crime.


Social Media Contacts:


Facebook: Tina Susedik, Author




Twitter: @tinasusedik















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