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July 18, 2019

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So What's the Big Secret?

March 11, 2019

What is the secret behind the socially polite behavior known as 'Kindness'?


It sounds so simple doesn't it? And it is...sorta, kinda...I view myself as a 'kind-hearted' person but as I diligently work to enact my 2019 Vision Plan to become a kinder person, I've come to realize that it is much easier to be kind when:


  • Things are going well for me and my family; and/or,

  • When I'm in a good mood; and/or, 

  • As long as my back isn't hurting; and/or,

  • When I don't have a writing deadline.

And the list can go on and on!


So what's the big Secret?


Focus on others and not yourself!


Again, this is simple, right? You may already know this. But the big question is: Do we want do this? Can we be kind when we don't want to be kind? Be honest, can you? I'll speak for myself by sharing some examples from this past week.


Was I 'kind'---not so nice thoughts do not count as 'Kind' when most times they translate to 'not so kind behavior or facial expressions or body language'...


When the barista at Starbucks gave me hot when I ordered iced coffee and I was running late to a meeting and had to wait for the order to replaced?


When my sister disappointed me when she told me she's changed her mind about attending an important family event?


When I'm told that a big check I was expecting is somewhere lost in the mail?


I'm committed to making our world a better place by becoming a kinder person.


KINDNESS HINT: Yes, we can still be kind when faced with personal challenges but remember we have to want to be kind.



Try it! Take your thoughts off self and:


Notice when others are suffering.


Smile, open a door, or help someone carry a heavy load.


Celebrate someone you love by giving honest compliments or sending a 'thinking of you' email. 


Prepare one of your homemade specialties and deliver it to someone who's shared with you how much they love it. 

 So this week, in a random act of kindness, I'm sharing one of my favorite books. Another secret: one of the stories in this book contains the 'kindest' character I've ever created! ...Download your FREE COPY MARCH 13TH & 14TH!



Next week, I'll share the background on the creation of one of my favorite characters who also happens to be the kindest.


In the meantime, leave me a post below. I'd love to know the kindest thing you have done OR that someone has done for you. 






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