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Small town charm, larger than life characters


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Hey and welcome! I'm so happy you stopped by and hope you decide to join my Reader Club called, Stephany's Angels. The purpose of this Club is to give me the opportunity to get to know my readers and for my readers to get to know me. So for starters, please introduce yourself--share something that will let us know you as a person and why you want to be a member of our Club!  JOIN US ON FACEBOOK.

Club members will be the first to learn about my new releases and what's going on in my fictional worlds where you will find so much 'small town charm and the most feisty characters you've ever had the pleasure of meeting'.

Expect fun, giveaways, advanced and free copies of my books.

I love to read! I love to write! And, I love nothing more than good conversation.

Can't wait to get to know you. Stay tuned as we get to know each other!

I'll be posting some basic rules for participation soon!

God bless!


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The more, the merrier, so tell your friends about our group today. They can sign up to join at STEPHANY'S ANGELS

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