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It’s all about that everlasting love
An Inspirational Romance Holiday Collection


Maddie M. Merriweather is naturally a happy-go-lucky person—even on those just okay days. 


But during the Christmas season, she’s euphoric and miraculously transfigured into Mrs. Maddie M. Claus. ‘Tis the season to be jolly and she seizes the season. Her heart beats with a ‘little drummer-boy like’ rhythm. And Mrs. Maddie Claus prances to her own holiday rhythm in her crimson red, winter white and shimmery silver holiday attire.


She doesn’t tolerate a scrooge mentality, and while some may say she starts a tad bit too early, her family and friends accept and expect the planning and shopping to begin. 


The bottom line is Mrs. Maddie Meriweather Claus loves Christmas and everybody knows it. And hubby, Mr. Meriweather, just issued his annual alert: ‘Don’t mess with my Maddie’s Christmas!’


But has anyone shared the official news with the unpredictable cankerous spirits that threaten to overtake the Meriweather household during this sacred season?


November 1, 2022

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Grab yourself a mug of hot cocoa and cozy up with these heartwarming stories. You won’t be disappointed. Highly recommended!

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