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Stand tall. Be strong.

Look straight ahead.

Read! Speak! Believe!


In an intimate self-analysis of life, purpose, and future direction, S.M. Troye digs deep and
dares to explore and share the official beg
inning of her journey to self-discovery. After the
sobering death of her father, a multitude of Covid-19 deaths in her hometown and a
society playing a cutthroat game of Spades, she finds herself in a country bordering on the
brink of disaster.

Taught by her tough as nails, southern born and bred father, she learned at an early age to
stand tall, be strong, and look straight ahead. Her northern born, ever so gentile, mother’s
whispered prayers, daily platitudes, and scriptures assured her that she could do all things
through Christ.

Her faith and spirit of discernment protected her when she was unaware of the need for
protection. Now she finds herself in a place she never, ever, expected to be. No, she didn’t
relocate to another country.
She’s still in the great US of A—where “we hold these truths
to be self-evident” or so she thought and was taught. And apparently wanted so desperately
to believe.

Once immersed in a spirit of love, she battles her first-time face to face direct
confrontation with hate.

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