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It’s all about the search for love and life purpose…

Love brought them together but will life purpose tear them apart?

It’s been awhile since we checked in on Angelica Mason, aka, the BLUE LADY and loyal sidekick, Johnathan ‘JaRew’ Jarewski. Angelica is well known and respected for her ‘do it my way or hit the highway’ MO. But after several near-death experiences, including a kidnapping, Angelica  succumbed to the dense fog that smothered her spirit. A traumatized Angelica disappears.

Just six months ago, Nicole Honeywell, Angelica’s BFF, and JaRew  rescued their best friend  from her desperate last-minute escape from the life she once loved. Invigorated by her friends’ vigilante like search expedition, Angelica had suggested they host a welcome back soiree.

And in just three weeks, Nicole, JaRew, and a host of good friends and family excitedly await to officially welcome a restored Angelica back to the fold.  

Little do they know that Angelica’s chance encounter with her crafty and totally unreliable so-called friend, Sancheska ‘SoS’ Sanchez, sparks some  previously unknown heart strings.   

Unanswered phone calls have a resounding familiar ring. Has Angelica sought another of her infamous beach escapes or is there another reason that she is once again missing in action?

NOTE: For a richer “Angelica Mason Series” reading experience, make sure to read The BLUE LADY, the Short Story Prequel to this Series. MISSION under FIRE, Book Three of the series reveals the dark secrets that led to Angelica and JaRew’s traumatic experiences, and in Book Four, DÉJÀ VU on the Seas, you’ll learn about Angelica’s mysterious escape and rescue saga. 

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